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Contacts & Donations

Please note that we ONLY fund raise through the official Happy Home bank accounts in Kenya, Belgium, USA and Canada. NEVER USE WESTERN UNION TO SEND DONATIONS AS THESE ARE THE EASIEST TO FRAUD. Please report any fraud to if you encounter other fund raising activities, websites, emails, bank accounts, etc.


General information:


Sponsoring / donations / fundraising:
    - Fundraising office for Europe (Belgium)
    - Fundraising office in the USA
    - Fundraising office in Canada
    - Fundraising in Kenya

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Happy Home Flyers: Flyers and Forms

The Board of Happy Home:

Alfred Mdeizi Sagwa, Government Relations and Chairperson
Bernard Sagwa, Community Relations and Vice-Chairperson
Isabelle Vandeplas, Donor & Volunteer Relations and Treasurer 
G-Edouard Lelievre-Douyon, Donor & Volunteer Relations and Secretary

Info and Donations in Europe - rest of the world:

Christian Vandeplas (Fr, Nl, Eng)
Rue Fond Thirion 61, BE-1410 Waterloo - Belgium
Tel: 02.354.74.41 (international: +32.2.354.74.41)
Fax: 02.367.10.71 (international: +32.2.367.10.71)
mobile: 0497.52.75.42 (international: +32.497.52.75.42)

Roel Merckx

Bank Account in Belgium: the non-profil organisation A.M.I.E, Diestseweg 95, BE-2440 Geel (N° of registration 0420 127 289) is hosting our project. All donations can be sent to the bank account 979-3261073-35 (IBAN: BE57 9793 2610 7335 - BIC: ARSPBE22)
A tax certificate will be issued for gifts from 40-EUR/year on (The Federal Government of Finances changed the minimum amount from 30 to 40 Euro on 5th Jan 2011).
Any received Euro will integrally be transferred to the Orphanage.
Please fill the donor's form at the bottom of this page.

Info and Donations in USA:

Edward Sulzberger
Executive Director, African Childrens Haven
4012 Pirates Beach, Galveston, TX 77554, USA
tel. +1 409 737-1388

In the USA, we get support from the African Children Haven. You will find more information about them on their website : Any received Dollar will integrally be transferred to the Orphanage.

Donors should make their checks payable to the "African Childrens Haven" and mark the memo line as “Happy Home Kenya” . African Childrens Haven is now officially recognized by the US government as a charity, which means that all donations are deductible for US income tax purposes.

Info and Donations in Canada + S. America:

François DUBÉ, Montréal
Tel (514) 495-7927

Isabelle Vandeplas (in charge of volunteers), Montréal
G-Edouard Lelievre-Douyon, Montréal

The non-profit organization "ESEE-Monde" is hosting our action for Happy Home in Canada.
Any gift or donation is welcome on the Desjadins account of ÉSÉE Monde:
# Transit: 30219 # Institution: 815 # Account: 0823617
Don't forget to mention « Happy Home Projet ». Please fill the donor form at the bottom of this page and send it to François Dubé to inform him about your donation. This will allow us to communicate with you and to send you an officiel donation tax receipet. Any received Dollar will integrally be transferred to the Orphanage.

Info and Donations in Kenya:

Isabelle Vandeplas (in charge of volunteers), Montréal 
G-Edouard Lelievre-Douyon, Montréal

Bank Account in Kenya:
Any gift or donation is welcome on the account of the orphanage:
Happy Home Orphanage
Account No: 012.460.4552.5400
National Bank Kenya - Awendo Branch

You can download a donor's form at the bottom of this page. You can also make gifts through Elke Vandamme (in ICRAF ext 4256, Nairobi), She will collect the money and return the bank receipt to you.

Donor Forms & Happy Home Flyer:

Feel free to distribute the Happy Home Flyer around you:

Brochure Happy Home (International) (ENGLISH)

Brochure Happy Home (Canada) (FRENCH)

Brochure Happy Home (Europe) (FRENCH)

Brochure Happy Home (International) (DUTCH)